IDFC Aadhaar Pay App launched

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App: In order to meet the demand of Digital India Movement brought by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, IDFC Bank launched an IDFC Aadhaar Pay app which is the first India's Aadhaar linked cashless merchant application which can be used at any corner of the India. It was first tested by 1500 merchants across 16 states in India. IDFC Bank took the initiative and launched the app under the guidance of the Ministry of IT, NITI Aayog, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and made it available for the merchants who are using e-KYC.

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App launched:

Aadhaar Pay App
Aadhaar Pay App: IDFC Bank developed this application in order to meet the demand of the small and mid-sized retailers to make cashless payments. Government mentioned, all banks to move towards Aadhaar Pay platform. Most of the central and state government offices already using this biometric attendance system for their employees. To meet the demand of Digital India project all government services will be reached by 2018. As per the information from the UIDAI-Unique Identification Authority of India, 40 Crore Aadhaar numbers are linked with their bank accounts and soon to reach rest.

As of now, 15 Lakh POS machines are deployed by the banks across the country in which 3 lakh terminals are being deployed by SBI and followed by HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. Nearly there are 5 Crore merchants in the country in which 15 Lakh POS Machines are being used for the population of +125 crore. Using this Aadhaar Pay app customers can say goodbye to the stacks of plastic money, reduce the hassle of remembering the accounts passwords.

IDFC Bank targeted it reach at least 50,000 to 75,000 merchants in the coming two years. Currently, this app is not available on Play Store soon it will be added by IDFC Bank.

What this IDFC Aadhaar Pay app will do?

Using this Pay app one can accept the Digital payments from the customers via Aadhaar based biometric authentication.

If any of the customers is looking for purchasing, They can use IDFC Aadhaar Pay app, Money will be debited from their Aadhaar linked bank account of the selected bank and can credit to merchant's account.

What the customer required?
  • Simply an Aadhaar Number
  • A bank account linked with Aadhaar card
What a Merchant required?
  • Smartphone having Data Connection
  • Installed IDFC Aadhaar Pay App which is developed by them
  • Bank Account details for which the payment to be made
  • Now the Merchant need to register for IDFC Aadhaar Pay to meet the demand of cashless payments
  • Merchants should maintain the compatible Smartphone and "STQC certified biometric scanner" for accepting the payments
  • Customers can make the payment using Aadhaar authentication
  • Finally, Customer checks out cashless purchases
If transactions are made using this Aadhaar pay we can escape from POS machine costs of Rs 5000 but for a biometric scanner of Aadhaar pay is installed at just Rs 2000.
Keep in Mind: All the transactions made at merchant's device will have Zero recurring cost, only solution with Zero MDR nominal onetime cost.

Aadhaar Pay App Benefits for Customers:

  • No need of Android phone or any other smartphone to make payments
  • No need to carry debit card or credit card
  • Not necessary of remembering Pins, MPINs, and passwords

How to receive money using Aadhaar Pay App?

  • Use your Aadhaar Linked Bank account
  • You need to have a portable Smartphone and a biometric scanner
  • Quick and Easy payments can be made using this application
  • Go Cashless and make payments using your Aadhaar Card Number and Biometric Scanner

How to pay using Aadhaar Pay App?

  • Reach the Merchant
  • Ask for Aadhaar Pay App payment
  • Give your Aadhaar Card Number

  • Select the bank through which you are willing to do the transaction
  • Now give your fingerprints on the biometric scanner

  • With this, you are done the payment


  • This model is restricted to the limit provided by the banks or by Indian Banks Association (IBA)
  • Currently, Aadhaar enabled payments is limited to Rs 10,000. 

Now, these transactions are rolled out grocery bills vendors and milk booths. IDFC Bank is encouraging the merchants to adopt Aadhaar Pay.

Download Aadhaar Pay App<<<<

Aadhaar Pay App Helpline or Customer Care:

For Further Assistance related to installation and Downloading of the IDFC Aadhar Pay app can be provided with helpline number or through bank's website. A Bank employee will be sent to merchants to help him/her with the use of the application.



  1. Hi, I had done aadhar verification online now I want to download aadhar pay app on my mobile but play store in my mobile is not showing aadhar pay app from where i can download this app.


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