How to Link Aadhaar Card Online, Aadhar Card Linking

Aadhaar card linkingAadhaar card is a 12digit unique code coming to every individual as their utilization of services in the country. Aadhaar card enrollment started in 2010 September, where in 2009 January government of India formed a gazette notification for the process of rules. In this government is very strict and passed many rules to make it a correct process. 

How to Link Aadhaar Card Online, Aadhar Card Linking:

When we go to get sim card its mandatory to give proofs as identity proof, we used to give any identity of the company, college, voter card etc. Aadhaar card is not all among them as it will be given only once to a person. If we want any changes in the card we can do it. But applying to the same individual is not possible. So here duplication is not at all possible as the biometric and iris scan won’t be different. 
Aadhaar card linking
The government of India brought this in 2010 but still increasing its spread area as its usage in many areas is successful. So they started it with a great motive and all understand it clearly. So talking about it is very easy and implementing and participating in the implementation is different. 

The unique number which will have 12 digits which don't start with 1 or 0 and all the numbers are randomly allocated to the individual person. But we can say that their maybe some formulae for the unique number, which will not be revealed as it, can be hacked or misused. As per the government guidelines, Aadhaar card was been linked to the ration cards, bank accounts, LPG subsidy etc. when we talk about linking of Aadhaar card to LPG it was the first process of linking started in India. 

Aadhar Card Linking:

Generally, we will book an LPG gas from our gas station available and they will deliver it according to the requirement. So when LPG was not linked to Aadhaar it was just an LPG subsidy and all the people are getting the Subsidy amount to their accounts. Now government passed a rule to link your Aadhar card number with your LPG account. Without linking the cylinders are not delivered and so all the people linked it with Aadhaar card. Now again government passed a rule to link your Aadhaar card with your Ration card. Using this we can find whether the family is using any other government subsidy or not. And this was also a successful program

Not another linking program started which was a lot of the people in the country. Linking our Aadhaar card with our bank account number is also made compulsory. Like if we want to open an account now Aadhaar card number is compulsory. To deposit money in the bank and if we didn’t have Aadhaar card number seeded to it then the transaction won't be done by the bank officer. So bank account seeding is a very easy process which can be done in 2ways. Firstly we can do online and the other offline. 

Link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account:

Online we have to open our internet banking and click on the Aadhaar number seeding and enter our Aadhaar number details and all and click on submit. In the offline process, we have to go to the bank with our Aadhaar card Xerox and go to the particular officer and ask them to send our Aadhaar card with our account. 

Recently some banks are not accepting Machine deposit if we don’t have the Aadhaar number seeding with our account. This total process is meant only to bring a Rule that One Man One Account. If an individual has 2 accounts then he/she can’t link both the accounts with the Aadhaar card. So automatically we have to maintain a single account. So Aadhaar card becomes a type of weapon to the government of India to find out the fake identities and the people who are not paying taxes. From this rules of Aadhaar card terrorism is also been reduced.

Still, if you find any difficulties while linking your Aadhaar Card with Bank Account or LPG. You can comment down with your query.


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