Apply Aadhaar Card Correction Online / Offline

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Correction Online?

Aadhar card the unique 12 digit number which was creating a revolution in the country. Government of India brought this plan in 2009 January as a gazette notification from the planning commission approval. It was a perfect process which can be very easy to follow at cost free.
Aadhar -Card -orrection
Aadhar Card Correction Online

The effects it is showing is really nice and user friendly to understand. The cofounder of Infosys was the first Chairman of the UIDAI, which is Unique Identity Authority of India. UIDAI is complete process of Aadhaar process. Anything related to Aadhaar card can be done in the website of UIDAI i.e., WWW.UIDAI.GOV.IN while applying Aadhaar card we have to fill the details correctly as once it will be registered it can’t be changed until we apply for changes. The process of applying Aadhaar card is through online and offline. We will do changes also in the same way through online and offline. The online changes we can do are,
  1. Change in the Name
  2. Change in the address
  3. Change in the date of Birth
All the changes can be made with a valid proof which is nothing but supporting documents. These changes can be done using website, using post and visiting a nearer enrollment center. First go to official website of UDAI i.e., WWW.UIDAI.GOV.IN and on the right side we can see Aadhaar update. Below that we will have 4options,
  1. Update Aadhaar Details Online
  2. Update request by post
  3. Update at enrollment center
  4. Check update status
If an individual want online change process click on the first option and will see a new window with the process of steps how to update.
  1. Login with Aadhaar
  2. Update Documents 
  3. Select BPO service provider and submit request.
  • Here for the process to continue in online we want our Aadhaar number to be linked with our mobile number. 
  • We have to enter our Aadhaar number and then we receive an OTP to our mobile. 
  • Now we have to upload the soft copy documents required as per the changes we are doing. 
  • If we want Name change then submit an Identity card regarding the name. 
  • If we want to change the address then we need to upload a residential document regarding the changes.
  • If we want to change the date of birth we need to upload proof of our date of birth as document for changes. 
  • Then in the next step it will take to 3rd step where we want to select a BPO service provider where they will call to our number and get conformation from us regarding the changes. From the time we give confirmation our changes process will start and takes 15 to 30 working days for the process. 

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Correction Offline?

  • In the same way we can do offline correction, which is nothing but going to the enrolment center.
  •  In the website check the nearest enrollment center and reach the center. After reaching there have to ask the officer about the correction documents.
  •  The documents to be produced will be same. 
  • Fill the offline form for the correction as per the need and submit to the enrolment officer. They will process it in the official website using their credentials and start our process. It will take 15 to 30 working days. 
  •  If an individual Is applying through online then we can verify it from the website if our process is completed or not.
  •  When the process is completed take the acknowledgement number to the nearest enrolment center and ask them to give you the original changed Aadhaar card. 
  • This process is very easy if we have all the required documents and if we are genuine.

Still, if you got any query on filling the Aadhar Card Form Correction, You can comment down.


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